Origin by Blockpool
​THE source of truth for creation and ownership of any asset

Understanding the provenance or ownership of a physical or digital asset is vitally important in today’s complex and interconnected world. Origin provides a highly secure and immutable proof of record based on blockchain technology. 

Operating on two levels: 
  • Identity - it first utilises our in-house developed technology to provide a non-intrusive digital fingerprint for any physical or digital asset providing a unique asset address or NFT token.
  • Provenance – it utilises our blockchain technology to record ownership and associated meta data.

In both cases, the unique address can be used to provide a record of all transactions relating to the asset, physical locations, or any other meta data relative to the item. This helps provide a complete history of the asset, a full understanding of its provenance and proof of current and past ownership. 

Immutable proof of creation and ownership

Our technology can be used for provenance tracking with a wide range of use cases. The technology enables brands to track and trace on their supply chains as well as providing customer verification and provenance in the post point of sale environment. Items can be tracked with unique ID’s linked to NFTs on the blockchain for further functionality.

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