Leveraging blockchain technology for real world impact

The full implications of blockchain technology are still emerging, but we already have the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to help you harness its incredible potential.

Whether you use our consultancy skills or our flexible, proven API, our trusted expertise can help you find new and innovative ways to create currencies, establish contracts, prove provenance, improve transparency and more.

Proven, real world technology that’s ready to roll

We have developed a tried and tested API that is more flexible and user-friendly than many of our more rigidly structured competitors’. We can scale our solutions from the niche to the corporate. Plus, we pride ourselves on building trust. We work with established names, are IPFS aware and are at the forefront of establishing trusted future standards for the industry. Our team also draws on decades of tech, marketing and music industry experience, which gives us unmatched industry insight. 

Helping you make your mark

Our API uses custom blockchain code to help you create plug-ins and bespoke coding and is already helped Bjork’s website make bold use of her own cryptocurrency. Blockchain is going to change the way the digital world works. Our real world experience can help you move quickly and forge a radical new generation of coding solutions.
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