Custom Blockchain Development
Specific purpose blockchains created to suit the needs of your business

Blockchain is not a "one size fits all" technology and Blockpool understands that every business is different. For businesses that need a more specialised solution than Blocktools, but are not yet ready for PaaS, we offer custom blockchain development to accommodate unique business needs.

Blockpool blockchain
The Blockpool chain is our flagship product. This public blockchain is often the best option for simple use-cases or for companies that need a low-cost entry into blockchain technology, as it is stable and hosted on a distributed network. Data on the Blockpool chain is highly available and visible from any internet connected device.

A BPL sidechain offers greater control and privacy than a public blockchain. This may be a better fit than the Blockpool public blockchain for businesses that need a more controlled solution.

Private blockchains
A private chain can allow your company to leverage all of the benefits of this emerging technology while allowing strict control over use and access. Blockpool offers both hosted and non-hosted options.

Public blockchains
A public blockchain can enable cost-free hosting on a widely distributed network via rewards. This is an advanced option for those that wish to do a deep dive into blockchain technology.

Our experienced blockchain consultants are waiting to answer all of your questions and to help find the best solution for your business needs. Do not hesitate to reach out  for a free initial consultation.

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