BPL network update 2018-10-09
A note to Blockpool delegates and relay node owners: We're happy to report that we have stabilized the BPL network, which had been struggling for the last week. At the moment there are several nodes that are either stalled or forked - so we need your help - please take a few moments to ensure that your node is up and running and synced (node blockheight > 1976600). If not, run through the steps detailed below to get your node back in sync.

Process using BPL Commander: 

  1. Open the Commander as you're used to, it will notify you that there is a pending update. Follow the on-screen instructions (option 3).
  2. If your node is out of sync, hit option 4 from the main menu to rebuild your node by first downloading the latest snapshot


Manual Process:

  1. Stop your node: 
    forever stopall OR forever stop <uid>
    (you can find out the uid by inspecting the output of 'forever list')
  2. Navigate to your BPL-node folder:
     cd BPL-node/
  3. Stash your local changes, e.g. your secret: 
    git stash
  4. Pull the latest updates: 
    git pull
  5. Reapply your local changes: 
    git stash pop
  6. If your node is out of sync, follow the next steps, otherwise go straigt to 7.
    1. Navigate to your home folder: 
      cd ~/
    2. Download the latest snapshot: 
      wget https://snapshots.blockpool.io... -O snapshots/current
    3. Drop and re-create your database: 
      dropdb bpl_mainnet && createdb bpl_mainnet
    4. Load your database from the snapshot: 
      pg_restore -O -j 8 -d bpl_mainnet snapshots/current 2>/dev/null
    5. Navigate back to your BPL-node folder:
      cd BPL-node/
  7. Restart your node:
    forever start app.js -c config.mainnet.json -g genesisBlock.mainnet.json
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