BPL Network Update
​We've recently discovered some critical issues with vote and block validation in the current code base, which are most likely responsible for the network outage we experienced a few weeks ago. Furthermore, the Blockpool code base makes extensive use of floating point values and arithmetic.

Resolving these issues requires a hard fork of the BPL network, meaning that every node - be it a relay or forging node - must update to the new version of the Blockpool code base. 

The BPL blockchain must be rolled back to the latest good height and forging will resume from that point onward. The estimated number of blocks to be rolled back is roughly 200k. All transactions included in these blocks will be replayed on the network and all forging rewards will be reimbursed in full by Blockpool. This means that no-one loses any BPL with this rollback.

This rollback will initially happen with a few forging nodes on an isolated network using the updated code. Once the replay process of the transactions is completed and validated, a snapshot will be provided to the community.

Fixed Rewards

Delegates will be happy to hear that in addition to the fix above, we will be introducing fixed rewards. Delegates will soon receive a fixed reward of 5 BPL for each newly forged block. This temporary change will improve the profitability of running a BPL node, attract more delegates to the BPL ecosystem, and foster a more competitive and healthier network.

Delegates are asked to closely follow our communication in Discord for a detailed schedule of necessary steps, such as shutting down, updating or restarting your nodes. This is in the works and will be made available as soon as possible.

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