Testnet to Mainnet vote: bDNS v0.5.0

Blockpool Delegate Node Software (bDNS) v0.5.0 has been live on our testnet for the last three weeks; we’re satisfied with the Testnet results and are now ready to release v0.5.0 onto the Mainnet.

We always involve our community in these types of decisions and are always looking to improve our processes. For this release, we’re trialing a Blockchain Voting Solution - a fully transparent community voting system for accepting new versions of the bDNS.

We will provide two TESTNET BPL addresses for voting. To vote, send a tBPL simple transaction to either the YES or NO address below.

The results will not be based on the number of tBPL transferred, but rather a unique count of addresses with originating transactions to these voting addresses.

For example, if a user sends three transactions to the “YES” address, that will be counted as one vote only, not three.

If a user wants to change their vote they can do so by sending at least one more transaction to the opposing address before voting ends. For example, a user who sent ten transactions to YES and fifteen to NO will aggregate one single NO vote.

A YES vote approves the v0.5.0 for release on the Mainnet. The addresses to use are as follows:





Only transactions originating from a registered Testnet delegate will count towards the vote.

Voting is open now until midnight on Saturday, July 21st (UTC).

-The Blockpool Team

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