Preview: The Delegate Management Software

Side chains

A part of our business at Blockpool is delivering fully customized, self-contained blockchain solutions to enterprises so they can safely develop their own decentralized applications, plugins, and cryptocurrencies. These self-contained environments — referred to as “side chains” — run independently and outside of the “main” Blockpool blockchain, giving enterprises the freedom and flexibility to make their own development decisions and build truly unique, innovative applications without risk.

We offer both public and private side chains: 

Public side chains operate on the same computing network as the Blockpool mainchain, which benefits both our clients and our delegates. Clients benefit from the enhanced security and stability provided by our delegate infrastructure, while delegates benefit from the ability to forge and earn rewards on both the mainchain and our side chains. 

Private side chains operate completely outside of the Blockpool mainchain - clients run and control all of the delegate nodes, giving them full control over their data. Private side chains are perfect for enterprises wishing to leverage blockchain technology without full decentralization. For example, a company may wish to use a blockchain as a redundant database, and would not want to rely on 3rd parties to help secure their network due to privacy or security reasons.

The Delegate Management Software

At present, Blockpool delegates use a command-line interface to manage forging configurations for the Blockpool mainchain and our side chains. To simplify this task, we’re developing the Delegate Management Software (DMS).


Say goodbye to cumbersome command-line management. The Delegate Management Software will include a simple point-and-click interface to give delegates control over which Blockpool chains they want to forge on and be rewarded for.

Multiple chain support

The Delegate Management Software will include multiple chain support, giving delegates the ability to forge and earn rewards for multiple chains at the same time. This system aims to increase delegate participation by making forging more lucrative, while simultaneously helping to maintain and improve the stability of the Blockpool ecosystem as more delegates come online.

Pool management

The upcoming Pool Management feature will give delegates the ability to set up forging pools and manage how pool participants (voters) will be rewarded. Some delegates may elect to reinvest forging profits towards Blockpool business activities, while other delegates may wish to redistribute profits back to pool participants. Under either scenario, delegates will be able to automate the distribution of forging rewards via smart contracts.


When a new side chain from a Blockpool partner comes online, those stakeholders can send out an alert to Blockpool delegate pool informing them that the new chain is live and available for forging.

One port

To make getting started as a delegate as simple and efficient as possible, all data sent and received by the DMS is transferred through the same computer port — even for delegates forging on multiple chains.

We’re looking forward to getting the Delegate Management Software into the hands of our delegates. Stay tuned!

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