The WOOOBux (WBX) Token Sale is now underway
WOOOBux - Helping the World to Play More Sport

Our grassroots sporting partner, WOOOBA (World One-on-One Basketball Association), is announcing their WOOOBux (WBX) token sale. Built using BLOCKPOOL.IO Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) technology, the WBX ecosystem rewards amateur athletes for attending and participating in grass-roots and brand-sponsored sporting events using a geo-location powered phone app. Leading with basketball, then football/soccer and other sports, WBX incentivizes the world play more sport.

The WOOOBA app provides grassroots sports players with a free Player Profile and Wallet (WOOOBux and standard/fiat currency) to connect and reward people for playing sports. Through the WOOOBA app players connect to organize pickup games - without having to send a flurry of emails. The event organizer - who could be an individual athlete or a brand/company - configures the event using geo-location and player participation parameters, and then funds the event with WBX tokens to reward players for showing up and playing.

In the world of pickup sports, one player is usually the main scheduler / organiser who pre-pays to rent out a sports hall, pitch, or tournament venue. The WOOOBA app also lets game organizers collect rental fees from other players, saving time and letting players focus on the game.

WOOOBux helps get anyone into a more active, social sports life. 

The WBX Presale is now underway until October 31st with a % discount and up to 200% bonus tokens.

1 % of all WBX tokens sold will be donated to sports charities.

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