Wingtip - a pioneering live music app

Wingtip, a pioneering live music app from the Blocktools Marketing Suite, designed by Blockpool will be available for demonstration at the Aurovine Showcase evening (today) at Off The Cuff Bar, Herne Hill, (Brixton), London, UK.

Wingtip, which is the prototype name for the product, combines geolocation and blockchain technology to bridge the gap between musicians and their fans, allowing artists to be rewarded for live performances with AudioCoin (ADC) - the world’s first music focused cryptocurrency.

Digital currency rewards can then be issued to fans who appear in these zones for configurable amounts of time. Examples of geolocation zones include concert venues, stores and outdoor billboards.

Wingtip engages music fans at live events by giving them the ability to reward their favourite artists directly using Audiocoin.

Wingtip, which piloted with great success at SXSW 2018 and Indie Week, (Ca.) gives live music gigs a fresh and innovative twist. 

See Wingtip in action at SXSW 2018.

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