The Music Industry is evolving and blockchain and Audiocoin could be a catalyst to a long term positive change.
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By 2015 the topic of Blockchain had begun to appear on the itinerary of most major music conferences around the world. It was clear at the time that very few people actually understood what it was never mind what it was capable of and the discussions themselves were very technical. Being too technic...

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Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular as people realize the potential for its application. This isn't just about digital currency anymore- Blockchain offers a range of possibilities for tracking asset ownership. Blockpool's ORIGIN product leverages blockchain functionality to do ju...

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The ADC chain has been successfully launched, and is now ready for everyone to migrate over balances from the old chain. We've prepared some docs as well as some tools to assist with this.

There are two options to migrate over your balance (unless you sent your ADC to txbit ahead of the snapshot). Yo...

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- Modified NFT share rules to allow scaling after creation. Tested in dev environment.

- Tested explorer failover script with lax and aggressive TTL settings. Either it works too well or TTL settings aren't honored. Can't do much in the second case so considering it a success.

- Merged all...

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