- Modified NFT share rules to allow scaling after creation. Tested in dev environment.

- Tested explorer failover script with lax and aggressive TTL settings. Either it works too well or TTL settings aren't honored. Can't do much in the second case so considering it a success.

- Merged all...

18.09.21 11:07 PM - Comment(s)


- Implemented and tested native SSL support for most api calls (and just wrapping the rest), as using a forwarding proxy is not the best of practice.

- Continued work on rc of bpl-core with sidechain and custodian functionality for mainnet.

- New explorer failover script since the original...

11.09.21 05:42 PM - Comment(s)
We're happy to announce that the fork came and went without issue. Sidechain code is now active!
22.04.21 01:58 PM - Comment(s)

Now that the BPL Sidechains release has been published, it is time for delegates to update their nodes in preparation for the fork. Updating the BPL node is a straght-forward process that takes less that 5 minutes.

To update, execute the following commands at the terminal window on your BPL Node:

pm2 ...

08.04.21 10:27 PM - Comment(s)

At long last, development of BPL Sidechains is complete. This massive step forward for the Blockpool project drastically improves the functionality and usability of the BPL blockchain (moving forward termed BPL Platform).
06.04.21 08:57 PM - Comment(s)