BPL Core 2.5.24 public testnet is live

14.09.19 03:35 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

"Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known."

Pranav D

BPL Core testnet updated to 2.5.24

BPL Core has been updated to include the most recent improvements to the Ark blockchain. The updated chain is live on testnet and the community is invited to participate in testing.

2.5.24 Improvements

Several improvements are included in this update including:

  • Differentiate between wallets and delegates
  • Clone webhook before mutating it
  • Delete existing transaction payload database on boot
  • Disconnect on invalid P2P requests
  • Stricter P2P reply schemas
  • Cast params in webhook condition checks
  • Drop connections with malformed messages
  • Terminate blocked client connections
  • Use anyOf for transactions schema
  • Use compression on the p2p level

For detailed information, please see the release notes for Ark Core 2.5.24

Public Testnet is Open

The community is cordially invited to participate in testing on the BPL Core public testnet. Blockpool and any community testers will continue testing until we can be confident that no new issues or bugs are introduced. If none are found in the coming weeks, the new code will be promoted to mainnet in the coming weeks.

To participate in testing:

    1. Install the updated Core Node software to your VPS with the command
      bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/blockpool-io/bpl-core/bpl_testnet/install.sh)
    2. Then start the node on testnet with the following command
       bpl <core|forger|relay>:start --network=testnet

Credit Where Credit is Due

Many thanks to our community and rogue developer known in Discord as ToucanSam for his efforts to keep BPL Core on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and as always, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Ark Ecosystem project that serves as the core technology upon which BPL Core is built.

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