BPL Desktop wallet 3.6.1 release

09.09.19 06:50 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

"Great things are not done by impluse, but by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

BPL Desktop wallet update

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind here at Blockpool. The obvious activity was the Blockpool v2 upgrade and the associated upgraded desktop wallet, but there is also the work on the upcoming litepaper, development efforts to make the litepaper a reality, and, as always, ongoing business development. That being said, the world does not stay still because we are busy, and the Ark team just keeps turning out features and updates. In the past week, Ark has released updates to their core (2.5.24) and their desktop wallet (2.6.1), and since Blockpool has made it a priority to keep up with Ark’s updates when they make sense, it was time to bring in the changes; version 3.6.1 of our desktop wallet is now available.

A note on the version number: The current version of the Ark wallet is 2.6.1, but Blockpool previously had a 2.0.0 release that was unrelated to Ark, so we had to bump this version of our wallet to version 3. However, we will do our best to keep the minor (6) and patch (1) numbers inline with Ark’s to make it easy for people to know which features are available.

Notable Improvements

With that out of the way, let’s get to some of the highlights of the changes...

  • v1 Api - The wallet no longer uses v1 of the node api. This should not affect anyone running a current node, but if anyone is using the new wallet to access a Blockpool v1 node, this will no longer work.
  • Announcements tab - Now actually displays blog posts instead of a blank screen. You’ll also be able to mark announcements as read. No more annoying red dot!
  • Plugins - There was a major effort by the Ark team to enhance the functionality of the plugin system. Plugins can now utilize
    • Custom webpages
    • Key-value storage
    • Access wallet functionality through permissions
  • Screenshot protection - This functionality is now saved between sessions.

That is just a small sample of what has changed. For more details on the above, please see the Ark announcements https://blog.ark.io/ark-desktop-wallet-v2-6-major-plugin-improvements-new-features-1f240044a2f4 and https://blog.ark.io/ark-desktop-wallet-v2-6-1-released-a725530225b7

Finally, we perhaps have not been as vocal as we should have in thanking the Ark team for their efforts. They are doing an amazing job, and Ark is a wonderful project. The ease of integration of their changes is a testament to their code quality and testing standards. We feel more confident every day that using the Ark project as a foundation for Blockpool is the right choice. So, a tip of the hat and a hearty “Thank you!” to the Ark team.

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