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16.12.21 10:42 PM Comment(s) By Dave B

Blockchain and Music – The Evolution of sense

We spoke the other day about how no-one in the music business ever believed that blockchain was going to be the saviour of the music industry. It’s hard to remember who actually said it was, in our early days we spent time around the so-called pioneers in this space with the likes of Imogen Heap and Phil Bailey positioning as thought leaders, with projects such as Mycelia and Ujo alongside Ethereum that were catching the headlines.

We were of course Aurovine at this stage and the launch of the public blockchain, Audiocoin and inception of Blockpool, with a little help from Bjork, of course, helped us find a step on the evolutionary ladder.

So, what’s changed?

Firstly, Aurovine and Audiocoin still exist and are progressing nicely. Aurovine is now under new management, headed up by Danun Todd and his team, and Audiocoin, now over 6 years old has just completed a migration to the Blockpool technology as a BPL sidechain.

The reasons for doing this were quite simple and will be hugely beneficial to the music community. Firstly, we reduced the total supply from 10.5Bn coins to 2.5BN. This will help strengthen the price over time. 

Secondly, running on BPL technology now also meant ADC could access additional functionality, most notably, NFTs. Anyone holding ADC can now create NFTs. This is the first dedicated NFT to the music industry. It was originally the first token dedicated to the music industry, now it has a new first all over again!

And the community continues to grow!

The ADC Foundation has many members now all looking to help support the cause, and music-based organisations like Aurovine and the musicians charity, Sweet Relief, are helping grow the numbers daily.

So, what’s new?

ADC is now no longer just an iconic token on the exchanges going back 6 almost 7 years (that’s a long long time ago in crypto terms) it’s evolved in to a functional coin with multiple functionality ready to serve the music community the way it was originally supposed to from conception. 

Blockpool have brought the token in to the fold to help start a new movement. By building blockchain solutions for the music industry based around the ADC token, for every solution that is completed the community benefits. The more people who adopt the coin the stronger it becomes. 

Not to mention that we are now a carbon negative organisation, because for each chain we create for each new customer we have offset our carbon emission by planting new trees. [See here for more details on Blockpool’s sustainability policy]

ADC can give you NFT’s, crowd funding and even ticketing and the evolutionary roadmap doesn’t stop there. In time, we plan to make ADC the de facto music industry coin in the coming months and years, and the industry will be the better for it.  Watch this space to find out who is going to become one of the first music companies to buy in to the technology.

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