ADC Chain - Details & Balance Migration

30.11.21 04:18 PM Comment(s) By Isaac

The ADC chain has been successfully launched, and is now ready for everyone to migrate over balances from the old chain. We've prepared some docs as well as some tools to assist with this.

There are two options to migrate over your balance (unless you sent your ADC to txbit ahead of the snapshot). You can use either the migration tool (Windows only), or you can sign a message and send it to our online endpoint (any OS, but one address at a time).

Regardless of which method you choose, please exercise care to ensure you save any new passphrases you are given.

You can find the doc for migration, as well as the link to the tool, here:

You can also add the ADC network to the BPL wallet. Instructions for that can be found here:

An ADC-native wallet will be released in the next day or two as well, which will already have the network preconfigured.

The ADC explorer can be found at

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