Beating Covid19 - Digital Passports for care homes

17.03.21 09:20 PM Comment(s) By Dave

Blockpool and Fingo complete the Care Home Digital Passport Proof of concept

Blockpool have been tasked by the UK Government initiative, Innovate UK, to tackle the spread of Covid19 in the care home community. Using blockchain based technology and cutting edge biometrics they have designed and built a digital passport that allows them to identify infected patients through thorough testing, and now valid vaccinations.

Spencer runs the Warren Manor Day Care Centre

The Manchester based Enduring Net collaboration have now completed their proof of concept and built and tested there EN-Covid app at Warren Manor, a local care home in Blackpool. The news has gone out nationwide and been well received and is now in the middle of the cut and thrust of the Westminster debate on what role digital passports have to play, not only in the care home and healthcare system but in opening up the economy around the globe.

Blockpool’s role in this collaboration was developing the self sovereign identity element to the project in order to identify someone accurately but also safely and securely, and carefully managed so as not to contravene any privacy laws.

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