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06.04.21 08:57 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

BPL Sidechains are here!

At long last, development of BPL Sidechains is complete. This massive step forward for the Blockpool project drastically improves the functionality and usability of the BPL blockchain (moving forward termed BPL Platform).

With this release, we have accomplished everything set forth in the BPL Sidechains litepaper. To summarize:

The BPL chain that we all know and love becomes "BPL Core" and the network gains the ability to process secondary chains on the existing infrastructure. These secondary chains are called BPL Sidechains.

BPL Sidechains are processed by the existing delegate pool and come in four flavors:

  • Rewards paid to delegates in sidechain native token
    For blockchain/crypto projects with a native trade-able token

  • Rewards paid to delegates in BPL
    For blockchain projects that do not involve a trade-able token

  • NFT chain with rewards paid in native token
    For NFT projects that have a trade-able token other than the NFT assets

  • NFT chain with rewards paid in BPL
    For NFT projects that do not involve a trade-able token other than the NFT assets


Sidechains and BPL Core can interact through native smart contract functionality. A transaction on the core chain or any sidechain can initiate transactions on any number of integrated sidechains.


The use cases for this "platform of blockchains" are so varied that we can't cover it here so stay tuned for a series of blog posts to see the immense potential that now exists on the BPL Platform.

The timeline for deployment is as follows...

  • 07-April 12:00 AM EST the new code will be published to Github

  • 08-April instructions for delegates to upgrade their nodes will be posted to Discord

  • A patch will be released immediately before the 3360 fork that includes code to enable certain features which require consensus and to start saving transaction data to the blockchain

  • All functionality will be enabled by fork at block 3,360,000 (roughly 2 weeks)


Before the fork, we will be tying up some loose ends so we ask that delegates stay connected and update their nodes if needed.

We will also be publishing details around the process and requirements for sidechain creation, how to manage delegation and forging on multiple chains, smart contract and other interoperability and more before block 3,360,000.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our delegates and the community for staying with us on this long road.

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