BPL Core v.2.0.0-pre4 testnet is LIVE!

04.07.19 11:39 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

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As of Tues 02-Jul, Blockpool Core (BPL v2) Testnet is up and running. This is a major milestone and we hope you are excited about it as we are. But with this, we now enter the Community Testing Phase, which will require help from all of you. This phase will last at least a couple of weeks, but can go as long as it takes for us to be sure that there will be no major issues.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Blockpool Desktop Wallet release has been delayed a couple of days due to an issue we found on Windows. We did not want to delay testing as we have an alternative wallet (Ark) that can be used in the meantime. Please read on...

What you can expect

Testing will focus on five major areas. The network and snapshot functionality are more general, but we will provide specific things we are looking for with the forger/relay software, the Desktop Wallet, and the explorer. A more detailed summary is below.

  • Network
    • General stability
    • Stability under all transaction types
  • v1 Snapshot Validity
    • Wallet balances should be properly carried over to the new chain
    • Refunds should be issued
      • Existing votes
      • Delegate registrations
      • Second passphrases
  • BPL relay and forgers
    • Installation
    • Running of delegate
    • Snapshot creation and restoration
  • Blockpool Desktop Wallet
    • Installation
    • Functionality (will be described in a future post)
  • Blockpool Explorer
    • Functionality

What you can do

The first thing you can do to help is install BPL Core and confirm that it is stable and running on the desired network. Please refer to this article for instructions on setup and basic management of a BPL Core node

As mentioned previously, the Blockpool Desktop Wallet release has been delayed, but we can still do some initial testing. Our temporary solution is to use the Ark Desktop Wallet, which has a great install tutorial. After following those instructions, you should be at the wallet dashboard, and from there you'll be ready to add the Blockpool Test Network. Read on to find out what testing can be done with the Ark Desktop Wallet

From the Dashboard, click the Network icon, (the cloud on the lower left) and then click "Manage Networks."

Click “Add a New Network”, enter the values below in the appropriate fields

  • Name: BPL Testnet
  • Description: Blockpool Test Network
  • Seed Server:

 Then click the “Fetch” button.

After a brief delay, you should see something similar to the image shown here.

Now we need to create a new profile that will use our newly added BPL Testnet network. Start by clicking the bottom left icon, and then click the “Add Profile” link.

Enter a name for your new profile, click “Next” and then select the “BPL Testnet” network. Continue on until your profile is created. At this point, you should be able to import wallets from BPL Mainnet.

As noted above, the BPL Core wallet release has been temporarily delayed, but there are a few tests that you can do to ensure that data has carried over accurately from the original BPL chain...

  • Confirm that the wallet connected to the BPL Core testnet network
  • Import an, some, or all accounts from the original BPL network and confirm that refunds were accurately issued for any 2nd passphrase, voting, and delegate registration fees
  • Confirm that the balance the account carried over and reflects accurately with the above refunds accounted for

Unfortunately, further testing will have to wait for a short while longer to be done when the BPL Core desktop wallet is released.

Thank you

If during testing, you find a bug or have any further questions, please find us on Discord or email us at support@blockpool.io.

Please keep an eye out for a future post with details on the Desktop Wallet testing. And as always, a big thank you for all your support. We really can't do this without you.

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