Weekly Dev Log

11.09.21 05:42 PM Comment(s) By Isaac

21.09.06 - 21.09.10


- Implemented and tested native SSL support for most api calls (and just wrapping the rest), as using a forwarding proxy is not the best of practice.

- Continued work on rc of bpl-core with sidechain and custodian functionality for mainnet.

- New explorer failover script since the original didn't do what it was supposed to.


- Reconfigured https forward proxy + http express api as a failover in case of unexpected issues with native implementation.

- Optimizations to local packages used by bpl-core modules not native to core codebase.

Bug fixes:

- Determined cause (but not why the cause happened) of SSL issues with explorer. After a recent restart, Express decided to throw errors regarding the SSL config and certificate, system was reconfigured with nginx, as Express issues were not trivial to resolve and were costing too much time. New certificates for SSL obtained and automated renewal configured.

- Investigated issue with HTTPS Explorer now loading, but not presenting data. Discovered it's throwing 'Mixed-Content' errors, because now the nginx https frontend was trying to access the node's express http api backend. All modern browsers don't allow this. Configured https forwarding proxy in nginx to pass requests to the http api, resolving the mixed content issue.

- During native SSL implementation for api, discovered header errors with some requests. Resolved and tested.

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