Weekly Dev Log | 21.09.13 - 21.09.17

18.09.21 11:07 PM Comment(s) By Isaac


- Modified NFT share rules to allow scaling after creation. Tested in dev environment.

- Tested explorer failover script with lax and aggressive TTL settings. Either it works too well or TTL settings aren't honored. Can't do much in the second case so considering it a success.

- Merged all outstanding minor fixes to bpl-core modules.

- Merged consensus fixes into sidechain core, prepared tests to validate. No obvious issues initially. Logs did turn up some (falsely) alarming messages, meaning some adjustments to monitoring are needed.

- Set up private testnet environment to deploy bpl-core rc with all patches.


- Increase logging granularity in many local modules, added logging functionality as necessary to modules lacking such. Merged into bpl-core rc.

- Removed redundant function from local modules for bpl-core release.

- Added attempted object state preservation upon exceptions being thrown in cases where dumps have not retained any data

Bug fixes:

-None evidently. This is rare.

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