See How Blockpool is Helping Beat Covid 19

05.08.20 04:08 PM Comment(s) By Jordan

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

Duke Ellington

Blockpool is proud to announce that they have been successful in winning a small Innovate UK grant as part of a collaboration to tackle Covid19 related issues within the UK Care Home community. Enduring Net, a Manchester based charity which uses technology for humanitarian good, has won the grant to help protect care homes from Covid19 based on the blockchain based privacy preserving self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework, combined with biometrics.

The grant was awarded at the end of June this year and as we approach August we are about to enter in to the testing phase.

The tech-based collaboration led by Blockpool’s Ken Foster and Enduring Net tech Advisor, Zeljko Milinovic, will be using the funding to create a digital passport for residents, staff and visitors which could potentially be used at the UK’s 11,000 care homes. The encrypted passport will be stored securely on smart devices and will confirm identity, and record Covid test status. The solution is accessible by using e.g. QR codes, a smart device, biometrics, or vein ID, making the whole process even more innovative and accessible to non-tech user.

It has been clear to those in the blockchain space that with the advent of much tighter, more restricted data privacy laws blockchain is the perfect technology to continuing to enable customer intimacy within the data protection laws. Using the SSI framework  Blockpool is able to help build an ID verification system that does not contravene any European privacy laws, simply by only allowing the information that is required at the point of entry to be displayed and nothing else.

Blockpool believe this technology will be key to all future projects that requires ID verification and is using the Innovate UK grant money to develop products in this space with its partners, particularly Sthaler. Once testing is underway we will release a ‘how to’ video to demonstrate the app.

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