Successful fork to 2.7.25

22.04.21 01:58 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

The fork to sidechain code completed successfully.

We're happy to announce that the fork came and went without issue. Sidechain code is now active but there are a couple patches coming to enable sidechain implementation and forging. These are:
  • Patch 2.7.26 - Sidechain functionality out of core into plugins.
    We have this patch ready but will let the current code run through this week. The patch will be deployed by Monday 27-Apr.
  • Patch 2.8.27 - Cross-chain forging
    We have discovered an issue with cross-chain forging. Two potential fixes have been identified so we are evaluating to find the best option. This release date is TBD but not far off.

Many thanks to our delegates and community supporters. These are exciting times for Blockpool and we are honored to share these successes.

Stay tuned... more to come!

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