Upcoming Blockpool Core Roadmap

28.07.19 01:36 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

"Being fully present is the best guarantee for a bright future"

Guy Finley

These are exciting times at Blockpool, as a lot has been happening behind the scenes. We’d like to take the time to share what we can, and hopefully get e`everyone else excited along with us. Consider this a non-exhaustive roadmap, and as you can see, we are at the beginning of a busy few months for Blockpool!

Blockpool v2 Upgrade

First, and most importantly, we must complete the mainnet upgrade. As you are aware, our testnet has been up and running smoothly for a couple of weeks now, and the team is comfortable moving forward. So, we’d like to formally announce, that as of block 3,402,528 we will conduct a hard fork to the new Blockpool network... Blockpool Core! We cannot say with certainty at what time the fork will occur, but our estimates put the fork at about roughly 11:30am UTC on Saturday, August 3.

To summarize the previous post, here's what to expect after the upgrade is complete

  • Then new wallet must be installed to interact with the BPL Core network
  • Existing addresses will need to be imported using the existing passphrase for that account. Once completed, existing balances will be available
  • All existing votes, second passphrases, and delegate registrations have been removed and related fees refunded
  • Delegates will need to install and configure the new bpl-core node software with their passphrases
  • Forging rewards will begin at block 40,201 of the new network (approximately 1 week after the network goes live).

Exchange Listings
We understand the problems that low liquidity has caused for community members and delegates. To provide more options, we will list the BPL token with at least one higher volume exchange. Funds have been allocated for this purpose and the application will be submitted immediately after BPL Core is live.

Blockpool Sidechain and Smart Contract Development

The fundamental purpose of the Blockpool project is the ability to give real-world businesses turnkey blockchain solutions including sidechains utilising smart contracts. This will be the near-term focus for all development efforts. The release of Blockpool Core provides a solid foundation on which to resume development-- which will begin immediately after mainnet goes live.

Sidechain Forging Litepaper

As Blockpool b2b efforts will continue to be focused business use-cases for blockchain technology, the BPL token will serve as the reward for delegates that opt to process sidechains for sidechain customers. This concept has been designed strategically to improve stability and security of the Blockpool Core network.

A forthcoming litepaper detailing the mechanism and benefits of sidechain forging will be released before sidechains and smartcontracts are live on the network.
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