Upgrading nodes to the BPL Sidechain release

08.04.21 10:27 PM Comment(s) By Tim Shank

The BPL Sidechains release has been published

Now that the BPL Sidechains release has been published, it is time for delegates to update their nodes in preparation for the fork. Updating the BPL node is a straght-forward process that takes less that 5 minutes.

To update, execute the following commands at the terminal window on your BPL Node:

pm2 delete all

cd ~/bpl-core
git reset --hard
git pull
git checkout bpl_mainnet
yarn run setup:clean
bpl core:start

That's it! You can now type bpl core:status to check the status of your node or bpl core:log to monitor the log in real time.

Be aware that there will be at least one patch before the fork at block 3,360,000 to enable sidechain and smart contract functionality, so stay tuned for an upcoming post with further instructions.

This is an exciting time at Blockpool. The BPL Platform will revolutionize blockchain technology.
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