We're happy to announce that Blockpool Core network went live on mainnet on Sat 03-Aug and delegate rewards began on Sat 10-Aug!. This is the beginning of an exciting period of growth and development for both the company and our technology.
14.08.19 04:35 PM - Comment(s)
Blockpool Core will be moving to mainnet at block 3,402,528 (approximately 2:00 PM (GMT) on Saturday 03-Aug). This is a hard-fork to an entirely different code base, so the transition wont be seamless, but it should be easy.
02.08.19 07:34 AM - Comment(s)
These are exciting times at Blockpool, as a lot has been happening behind the scenes. We’d like to take the time to share what we can, and hopefully get e`everyone else excited along with us.
28.07.19 01:36 PM - Comment(s)