These are exciting times at Blockpool, as a lot has been happening behind the scenes. We’d like to take the time to share what we can, and hopefully get e`everyone else excited along with us.
28.07.19 01:36 PM - Comment(s)
As of Tues 02-Jul, Blockpool Core (BPL v2) Testnet is up and running. This is a major milestone and we hope you are excited about it as we are. But with this, we now enter the Community Testing Phase, which will require help from all of you.
04.07.19 11:39 PM - Comment(s)
We are happy to announce that the Blockpool blockchain will be updated to the Ark v2 codebase. This will improve throughput, introduce a plugins system, and much more, as well as resolve ongoing issues that currently impact chain stability.
26.06.19 10:52 PM - Comment(s)