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WOOOBA For Rewarding Grassroots Sports Players

WOOOBA, a social sports technology company that gives global grassroots sports players a free platform to connect and manage their active basketball life, and soon football/soccer, has partnered with blockchain experts, Blockpool, to launch a cryptocurrency for rewarding and inspiring the casual athlete.

Starting with setting up a Player Profile, as well as a player's Wallet for peer to peer payments (in which game "organisers" get paid back from friends) the platform aims to connect more players with each other, as well as places to play, in order to boost the access and visibility in grassroots basketball and very soon, football/soccer. With the support of Blockpool, the blockchain company behind Bjork's cryptocurrency music launch, the new cryptocurrency, WOOOBux (WBX) can offer brands, schools, parents and players alike, an easy way to inspire and reward more active play.

WOOOBA's mission is to help people of all abilities play more sports. 

The WOOOBux (WBX) Token Sale is now underway until October 31st.

Read the WBX White Paper.

How OpSec Security is using Blockpool technology to combat counterfeiting in the apparel sector.

OpSec Security - the global leader in protecting, authenticating, and enhancing brands - partnered with Blockpool to develop secure blockchain data provenance solutions for brands and apparel manufacturers.

This partnership combines OpSec's tamper-proof RFID tags with Blockpool technology to enhance OpSec's track and trace solutions and enable unique customer engagement strategies. 

OpSec's tamper-proof RFID tags get sewn into the labels of branded apparel and merchandise which are then scanned by custodians through each stage of the supply chain. A historical record of information about the item such as its locations, custodians, and arrival/departure times is tracked and immutably recorded on a Blockpool-powered blockchain to verify product ownership, prove product authenticity, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Another project under development at OpSec creates unique customer engagement experiences for brands in the music industry and the apparel sector. After purchasing official merchandise or clothing secured with OpSec labels, customers register the product's tag or QR code online to get rewarded with unique perks and incentives.

Read more here.

Salute Bring Blockchain Rewards to Facebook Music Competition

Blockpool helped Salute integrate blockchain technology into their prize distribution process using our PaaS and API services to generate digital wallets and claim mechanisms for over 1000 independent artists who took part in their Facebook based competition.

In another mainstream use case for ADC, Salute Music Makers, fronted by former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey, are using ADC on their unique Facebook based Internet platform with a television talent-show tie-in and the highest payout of any performing arts contest.

In addition to the cash prizes ADC is being used as a voting mechanism in another music based engagement with blockchain technology. Salute provided participants with wallets and rewards functionality to streamline the voting process and enable automatic claim procedures based around Blockpool's API and MyBlockpool proof of concept.

Read more about it here.

"Salute music makers announce world’s first shared revenue of audiocoin crypto currency valued at $10,000 for all salute music makers."
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How One Little Indian used our digital currency initiatives for the release of Bjork’s Utopia album

Blockpool were engaged by One Little Indian to provide digital currency initiatives for the release of Bjork's Utopia album.

The process involved a custom payment plugin for Magento alongside the utilisation of the Blockpool API and PaaS products to engage customers in the payment and post payment ecommerce flow.

The token used for the post payment creative was Audiocoin (ADC) and this enabled customers to obtain the currency as a reward for purchase and in addtion they were able to gain extra ADC through creative social sharing incentives.

The project went massively viral across news outlets being picked up by Forbes, The Times, The Evening Standard.

Miloco Studios announces it will accept ADC for all services

Blockpool are proud to announce a brand new partnership with UK based music group Miloco Studios. Miloco offer a range of excellent worldwide recording studios, carefully selected for different purposes and budgets. They are your complete guide to searching for quality studios, from their seven-studio headquarters in London to the luxurious Black Rock located on the Greek island of Santorini.

Via our technical integration they will soon be accepting Audiocoin (ADC) as payment for studio services and equipment sales. Anyone with a musical requirement throughout the world will not be disappointed with their facilities and services.

Some of the names that are associated with Miloco include Adele, Madonna, Kendrick Lamar and Zain Malik. They have facilities in the UK, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Morocco, the USA, Thailand and Australia.