​If you want to do things differently, we are here to help.
Lets work together to find out how blockchain can benefit your business.

The questions asked most often are "how do we get the ball rolling?" "How do I know where to start the process if I am still unsure what blockchain technology can actually do for me, or understand what problems it can solve?"

Our team of blockchain experts is here to help answer these questions.

The Blockchain and blockchain based applications present a unique opportunity for businesses to become more efficient, to be more transparent, and to offer new ways in which they service their customers.

Blockchain technology is changing the way we consider, store and manipulate data and presents unparalleled advantages to early movers in the space. It can also offer a myriad of ways to share value amongst the key stakeholders in any business venture or project. It can be utilised within a charity focused organisation, not for profit or public companies and it can be as effective in any one industry as it is the next.


  • In order to give good solid blockchain advice Blockpool provide consultancy services that allow us to analyse your business and assess how "blockchain ready" you are. It is important to understand that blockchain technology is not a silver bullet to solve all the technical issues you may have, but through our workshop programme we will soon be able to ascertain what your business goals are and how blockchain technology could solve those problems or not as the case may be.
  • Our workshops cover:
  • Is my business "blockchain ready"?
  • Gain an insightful and useful knowledge of what blockchain is, and what it isn’t and how it works for businesses in general.
  • A strong understanding of what the difference is between blockchain and cryptocurrencies and what interdependencies there are between the two
  • How blockchain will give your business a competitive advantage
  • Gain an insight on how the tax authorities view the cryptocurrency world and how to stay within the existing tax rulings
  • ICO's: does my business have a valid reason for engaging on an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • Assess and evaluate your creative options against your business objectives and goals in 'business plan' details
  • Generate a plan of action for your implementation and blockchain/fan engagement strategy

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