DMS, Sidechains & Smart Contracts

What is the Delegate Management Software (DMS)?

The DMS is a multifaceted, easy to use network management software that is designed to allow the Delegates to decide how they want to run their nodes.

Features of the DMS

Blockpool Delegate Management

The DMS will allow delegates to choose how many Blockpool delegates they wish to run. It will ask a series of fairly simple questions which the user will input. Once the questionnaire is complete the setup will run and the DMS will automatically configure the BPL Delegate(s)

Sidechain Management

The user will be able to choose from a list of BPL Sidechains that they wish to forge for via the GUI. All people mining sidechains must first have a registered BPL Delegate (This ensures their own stake in the project but does not guarantee them a forging slot on the BPL Masterchain). If a user has not registered a delegate, they will not be able to forge on a sidechain.


In some cases it is necessary to pool users resources, like in the case of ARK where only 51 delegates enabled. In many cases these delegates are pools of users who have voted for that delegate and the pool pays out a portion of the rewards to the users who voted for them.

The DMS will enable users who wish to run a pool to install the pool distribution software which will keep track of all rewards and distribute according to voted balance.

What are Sidechains?

Sidechains are Blockchains that have several additional governing rules.

  • Delegates must be registered on the BPL Masterchain to be eligible for the sidechain delegate rotation queue
  • Smart Contracts which are enabled on both the BPL Masterchain and Sidechain at the time of creation. These set the rules for the delegate rotation and allow for communication between the chains, they also enable unique functionality for each sidechain, providing additional value to the sidechain and BPL Masterchain.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are the governing force within the Blockpool ecosystem.

  • Control the Delegate Rotation Queue
  • Facilitate communication between the Blockpool Masterchain and other Sidechains to create redundancy and to ensure there is a functional delegate ready to forge at all time.
  • Perform additional functions like enabling distributed cloud file hosting services via IPFS (Inter-planetary File System), ease deployment and system updates by autonotification to the DMS, Automate deployment of new Sidechains, image and file provenance and much more.
  • Perform "Active" and "Passive" triggers based on actions on a specified address or chain. Active triggers would be distributing incoming funds to 3rd parties while passive would be calling webhooks or sending emails