BPL Core Desktop
Cryptocurrency Wallet

The BPL Core Desktop wallet is your entry into sending and receiving the Blockpool cryptocurrency (BPL), and is necessary for any delegates or to vote for a pool-- many of which return a share of their rewards to their voters.

Our Wallets Feature

  • Support on WindowsLinux (ubuntu/debian) and Macosx (signed).
  • No wait to sync to the network: launch and use.
  • View any account from its address (transactions, delegate status and votes).
  • Deposit BPL using altcoins or USD (via changer.com) - no registration needed (soon).
  • Label any account.
  • Real-time currency value (updated every 5 min) in USD, Euro, BTC, HKD, JPY, CNY, AUD, CAD, British Pound, and Ruble.
  • Auto connecting to a healthy BPL network peer. If the peer is no longer healthy, the wallet automatically finds a new one.
  • Send BPL to / from any account.
  • Easily switch to different network, or private chains
  • Customize background.
  • Isolated processes on Windows and Macosx to prevent from data sniffing or injection.
  • Translations (thanks to the BPL community). Please help contributing.

Download BPL Core Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallet