Blockpool Desktop
Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Blockpool Desktop client is your entry into sending and receiving the Blockpool cryptocurrency (BPL), and is necessary for any delegates or to vote for a pool-- many of which return a share of their rewards to their voters.

Our Wallets Feature

  • Support on WindowsLinux (ubuntu/debian) and Macosx (signed)
  • No wait to sync to the network: launch and use.
  • View any account from its address (transactions, delegate status and votes).
  • Deposit BPL using altcoins or USD (via - no registration needed (soon).
  • Label any account.
  • Realtime currency value (updated every 5 min) in USD, Euro, BTC, HKD, JPY, CNY, AUD, CAD, British Pound, and Ruble.
  • Auto connecting to a healthy BPL network peer. If the peer is no longer healthy, the wallet automatically finds a new one.
  • Send BPL to / from any account.
  • Easily switch to different network, or private chains
  • Customize background.
  • Isolated processes on Windows and Macosx to prevent from data sniffing or injection.
  • Translations (thanks to the BPL community). Please help contributing.

Download Blockpool Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallet