How to earn BPL

There are two main ways to earn BPL:

1. Joining a BPL pool

Any delegate can create a Pool in order to share the rewards from forging new BPL. If you are a non delegate standard user with a BPL wallet. You can join a pool by casting your delegate vote to the address of your chosen pool.

First you need to download and install a BPL wallet. The you need some BPL (can be obtained from Cryptopia or COSS exchanges). It will cost you 1 BPL to vote for your chosen pool.

There are several pools to choose from. Check out our delegate monitor for the likely rewards and efficiency of each pool.

2. Delegate forging

Anyone can become one of our 201 delegates. You need to be running a node (see Commander) and register as a delegate. The criteria for becoming a forging delegate depends on your weight and efficiency (i.e the amount of votes you have from other users or coins you hold in another wallet). The more votes (coins) that point to your delegate address, the higher you will be in the delegate list

Another advantage of becoming a BPL delegate is the ability to forge on our sidechains via our Delegate Management Software (DMS).