Provenance and Customer Engagement
Securely Boost Brands Consumer Engagement, Sales, and Loyalty

         Our Vision

Blockpool is a blockchain technology company poised to revolutionize the commercial use of this technology to drive add-on revenues, enhance brand reputation, and increase brand loyalty.

We developed our own blockchain and tools and partner with application providers to empower the entertainment and fashion industries. This process enables them to engage with and reward customers driving additional revenue and also helps them stamp out counterfeit goods.

 Why Blockchain

The blockchain industry will reach a value of US $3.1 T by 2030.

The problem: trade in fake goods is now 3.3% of world trade and rising, imports of counterfeit/pirated products into the EU alone amounted to EUR 121 billion (USD 134 billion) in 2016.

Blockpool's blockchain technology can help protect brand and rights holders, authorized vendors, consumers and more.

 The Technology

We deploy custom blockchains with our unique application technology.

We can leverage our existing network or private infrastructure to secure their chain.

Smart contracts can be deployed to provide unique functionality, enhanced engagement and wallet applications.

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