Persona by Blockpool

The sharing of digital information by individuals has received a lot of coverage in recent months, particularly in respect of the Covid pandemic and the use of digital wallets as a method of validation for infection or vaccination status.  Whilst the concept may appear to be innocuous, the centralised control of data and cross system sharing has resulted in cries of foul play in respect to civil liberties.

In Persona we have created a unique solution for a digital passport with embedded Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology that can easily be repurposed for use in any sector. We initially developed this product for a government backed initiative - Innovate UK - in the early days of the pandemic. As with all our product areas, the flexibility of our solutions allows them to be applied in many different use cases, including Covid-19 track and trace, air travel, hospitality verification, student identification, stadium access, and more. 

SSI addresses the difficulty of establishing trust in an interaction. In order to be trusted, one party in an interaction will present credentials to the other parties, and those parties can verify that the credentials came from an issuer that they trust. This is exactly what our product enables. A user could, for example, present his vaccination credentials via the wallet, and the other parties can validate that the information was provided by NHS, all without the user revealing any other information.

Our project for the UK Government’s Innovation scheme allowed users and organisations to quickly exchange Covid status credentials (testing and vaccination data) to allow the economy to recover with full data privacy and trustless security.

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