The Team
Kevin Bacon
Kevin is a veteran of the music and music tech world. After a 20 year career producing Grammy and Brit award artists and records he created AWAL - a ground-breaking digital music platform which was acquired by Kobalt in 2011. Kevin is a connector and an enabler to many global brands and businesses who are actively looking to the Blockchain for answers
Ken Foster
Ken brought music and the Blockchain together by creating the first serious currency for music - AudioCoin (ADC). He is deeply involved in Blockchain applications for real world applications. A graduate in Information Technology he has also been heavily involved with ecommerce and digital marketing applications for the Travel Industry. He has represented the UK on BPI & UKTI trade missions to Japan, the USA and Canada. Ken also has the temporary role of CMO and CFO.
Dave Blundell
Dave is the spokesman for the company and also excels in Project Management and Sales roles. He has a wealth of experience in IT infrastructure solutions along with being an active member at the Association of Independent Music